Project: Biosphere II

Prof. Christiane Werner, University of Freiburg, Germany

Rupert Holzinger and his new company ptrms-analysis carried out data processing of a 5 months field campaign at the Biosphere II facility in Arizona, USA.

The technical analysis included the extraction of all ion signals in the mass spectrum, and the retrieval of the transmission (including its change over time). The final dataset consisted of concentrations of all ions in units of ‘standard’ nmol/mol (standard meaning that the concentrations were calculated using a default reaction rate constant). The report contained simple and clear instructions on how to convert the ion concentrations to compound concentrations of e.g. acetone, benzene, or monoterpenes. The accuracy, precision, and limit of detection of the data was carefully calculated and documented. In addition, Rupert categorized the data by adding flags that indicate the type of measurements (e.g. ambient air, plant camber(s), zero air, etc.), the PTR-MS performance (e.g. ratios of oxygen and water clusters to primary ions), and he averaged the data to convenient intervals. Last but not least, I want to mention the convenient viewing tool that allows us to quickly browse through the data to test/check our research questions! Overall, we are totally content about this cooperation. Rupert’s scientific insight and experience are beyond question and he delivered a complete and workable set of data. More detailed than we asked for and expected. Now we can fully focus on our research!

Furthermore I want to mention his kind and patient attitude. Every question my co-workers and I had was answered quickly and completely. His thoroughness is admirable, you notice that he is a leading expert in this field. Because of his thorough knowledge and experience he works quickly. In the end this saves money, and above all, al lot of time-consuming struggling with technical questions. I strongly feel that this service can enhance the performance of many groups working with PTR-MS, and I wholeheartedly recommend the services provided by!

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