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The processing of PTR-MS data is complex and often limiting the scientific exploitation. This can be changed! Let us take care of the technical analysis of your PTR-TOF-MS data. The goal is to enable your postdocs and PhD students to use 100% of their capacity to address the science rather than technical PTR-MS issues.

We are also committed to built up (or improve the) technical expertise in your group.

You use 100% Capacity to Science.

Let us deal with the technical issues of your PTR-TOF-MS data.

  • Pre-campaign consultation concerning an optimized campaign setup
  • On-site support ensuring optimized setup and performance of the instruments
  • Mass scale calibration
  • Extraction of all detected ion signals
  • Evaluation and subtraction of instrumental (background) signal
  • Determination of LOD
  • Determination of accuracy and precision
  • Quantification/calibration on basis of gas standard measurements
  • Determination of the transmission
  • Quantification/calibration based on simple reaction kinetics for all detected ions
  • Data quality will be controlled and periods with quality issues (e.g. high background, unstable signal/background, etc.) will be flagged.
  • We provide a report detailing all steps listed above and a final dataset. The final dataset contains (i) timelines of concentrations of al detected ions, (ii) the corresponding quality parameters like LOD, accuracy, and precision, and (iii) a list with possible ion attributions.
  • In addition, averaging can be done to provide datasets with different tine resolution and/or to distinguish different sampling modes.

We are committed to enhance the knowledge and expertise of PTR-MS users. Therefore we explain and discuss all aspects of the data analysis with our customers. After the delivery of our data-analysis product we offer a consultation package to maximize the knowledge transfer and enable costumers to optimize campaigns and data processing out of own resources.

Costs are based on regular senior scientist rates with very limited overhead (~10%). The total cost depend on the size and quality of the data. Full processing of a typical 4 weeks campaign (24 hrs, 7 days, 5 sec resolution, i.e ~500k datapoints) requires typically 80-100 hours. However, note that the required time does not scale linearly with the number of datapoints and that additional time may be required if issues need to be resolved. Feel free to contact me for a custom-tailored non-binding proposal.

Optimizing your PTR/MS Business in Lab, Field & Data-Analysis is our Goal.

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